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Welcome to Paris-North Cape…

A 30-day adventure is waiting for you in the lands of the midnight sun, a month to soak up the magical light of the north, hike through unspoilt nature reserves and meet local people as you research your documentary report.
You will have the opportunity to scale the Glittertind, Scandinavia's second highest mountain, ramble across the extraordinary island of Sørøya in Norway, climb the Kebenekaise in Sweden, hike to Lake Pöyrisjarvi in Finland, and wander through the magical Lofoten Islands. You will also be able to take a dip in Finland's surprisingly warm lakes, explore some of Sweden's most beautiful villages and marvel at Norway's most majestic fjords.
And your photos will contribute to the half million pictures that will be taken during the next edition of the Paris-North Cape Photo Rally.


30 years of photographic adventures
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The Photo Rally concept was launched on 1st August 1986 with the founding of Cap Nord Organisation, set up to organise the first Paris-North Cape Photo Rally. We celebrated our photo rally's 30th anniversary by organising a Photo Trek along the byways of the Pilat Regional Park, in the Greater Saint-Etienne Area, from 30th July to 1st August 2016. Find out more at: phototrek Our quests for the most wonderful photos have attracted participants from across France and from 19 other countries (Belgium and Switzerland for every edition, but we have also had teams from Canada, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Iceland, Portugal (and the Azores), Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg and New Zealand).

A photo adventure open to everyone

19th edition from 23th July to 23th August

susmi-finlandThe 18th Paris-North Cape is an official event of the Finnish hundredth anniversary of independence.

It’s not about speed!

Checkpoint for the itinerary indicated in the road book.

10 photos to be submitted every five days

to a jury of photographers and journalists.

A written report on the subject of your choice

be submitted to the final jury

Celebrating 30 years

1986 - Creation of “Cap Nord Organisation” as a non-profit association. Two years later, we set off on the first edition of the Paris-North Cape Photo Rally:
  • 1986

The 30th anniversary Photo Trek

To celebrate our 30th anniversary and bring together past and future rally participants, Philippe Boucher organised a special edition of the “Photo Trek” from 29th to 31st July 2016. The event, held in the beautiful countryside and villages around the Loire Gorge (Saint-Etienne Metropolitan Area), was a great success.
  • 2016

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Stockholm city

Stockholm city is an official partner of the 18th Paris-North Cape. A “Stockholm Photo Trophy” will be organized the 21st of August and all the participants will have 6 hours in order to realize the best pictures in the Venice of the North. The 22nd of August, a photo exhibition and press conference will be […]

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Jyväskylä city

Jyväskylä city is an official partner of the 18th Paris-North Cape. A “Jyväskylä Photo Trophy” will be organized the 17th and 18th of August. The participants will have one evening and one morning in order to discover the beauty of Jyväskylä region through the photo themes they will have to follow. Great novelty and highlight […]

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