A different type of adventure, open to all

The Paris–North Cape Photo Rally is first and foremost an adventure that anyone can enjoy, held when Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark (reached by driving through Belgium and Germany) are bathed in the midnight sun. It is not a race in the traditional sense of the term; rather, it is a photographic odyssey through the most beautiful parts of Scandinavia, combining driving stages with hikes across nature reserves and remote islands.

    The novelty of the Rally is that the final classification takes into account three criteria:

  • first, teams must check in at all the checkpoints within the designated time period (2 to 4 hours) in order to prove they have followed the route described in the road book. Between these checkpoints, they are free to choose their own itineraries and to stop whenever they wish to take photos.
  • Second, each team must submit ten photos (two for each theme) every five days. These photos will be judged by a jury of professional photographers and journalists.
  • Finally, each team must produce a written report on a subject of their choice relating to the areas visited by the rally (but not the Rally itself). This is a very good way of finding out more about the countries we visit and getting to know local people.

Photographs can be taken at any time during the Rally, although some of the best opportunities for taking pictures are during the organised hikes. Participating in these Photo Treks is not obligatory, as Paris-North Cape is truly open to everyone (“Papillon”, one of the Rally’s best known participants, has taken part in three editions of the Rally despite a disability that prevents him walking. He is helped by “guardian angels” such as Catherine and André).
Participants who have the capacities and the desire to do so, can hike through some of the most beautiful countryside in Scandinavia.
The Photo Treks include ascents of two of the highest mountains in Norway (Glittertind) and Sweden (Kebnekaise), the magnificent island of Sørøya in the Norwegian Sea, the spectacular Abisko National Park, whose mountains are reminiscent of parts of the United States, the “Bear Trail” through Oulanka Canyon in northern Finland’s Oulanka National Park, the heights above Trollfjord, renowned for “one of the most beautiful views in Europe”, the magical Lofoten Islands and other unsung gems.

Most importantly, we ask our participants to open their eyes, to be inquisitive, respectful and open-minded.

If you have all these qualities, the Rally is for you. The best photos will be published in partner magazines and newspapers, including National Geographic Nordic Editions, Helsingin Sanomat (Finland’s biggest daily paper) and Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden’s 2nd biggest daily paper).


Since 1988, Paris-North Cape has turned on its head the classic equation of rally = speed + money by creating AN ADVENTURE based on exploration, respect for others, self-discovery and curiosity about the world around us. Hence, Paris-North Cape allows people of all ages and from all backgrounds to come together and enjoy a RALLY centred round NATURE, ADVENTURE and CULTURE.

It is, of course, a long and tiring event that will challenge your stamina and test your vehicle, but it has been successfully completed by people of all ages, from 1 to 88 (every year we have a few families).

The registration fee of €790 per team

    (€660 if you register before 31st December 2016)

  • covers the organisation of the rally programme,
  • reductions on the ferries and campsites we use,
  • the road book,
  • the photo competitions,
  • photo treks,
  • juries and prizes.

A team of two people will require a budget of €3,000 to €4,500, much of which can be covered by finding sponsors. This budget includes the registration fee, fuel, ferries, campsites and food.
There are no restrictions on the age or model of the cars teams use, but campervans, trucks and motorbikes are not permitted. Registration is open until 30th June 2017 (for the 2017 rally), but the number of places available is limited.

Philippe BOUCHER and his team invite anyone attracted by the Rally’s principles

to join us in taking thousands of photos during a 10,000-km road trip far from the usual tourist track. The Rally gives participants an opportunity to explore the length and breadth of Scandinavia and to discover some of the hidden treasures of northern Europe. Evenings sitting round the campfire while soaking up the amazing spectacle of the midnight sun in an unspoilt wilderness are a prefect way of getting to know fellow travellers from far and wide.
Completing the PARIS-NORTH CAPE PHOTO RALLY requires a large amount of physical and mental effort, especially on the PHOTO TREKS in Norway (across remote islands and to the top of Scandinavia’s highest mountain), Sweden (Europe’s largest nature reserve and an area where reindeer roam wild) and Finland (lakes and canyons).
Participants will also need to call upon their reserves of stamina during the “Midnight Sun” stages – for some people, being out and about from 8 pm until 3 am is already a challenge. Extremes of temperature are also a factor to take into account – the average temperature at the top of the Glittertind (2,465 m), Scandinavia’s second highest mountain, is -10°C, whereas the temperature can soar to +36°C in Finland. However, the camaraderie that develops between participants helps soothe the difficulties of the Rally’s long stages.
We will visit some of the most beautiful corners of these contrasting lands, from Norway’s fjords and spectacular Lofoten islands to Sweden’s northern hills, home to the last herds of wild reindeer, the southern plains of Finland, dotted with 100,000 lakes, and Europe’s biggest nature reserves.

For many participants, Paris-North Cape is a revelation.

Some of our participants have become addicted to photography or to travel; some have even changed their lives:
The winner of the 1995 Rally abandoned his career as a chartered accountant to become a professional photographer.

Others enlist the support of the people around them to help them make their dream come true:
Nathalie and Nicolas are just 20 years old. By selling t-shirts to more than 360 family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, and with help from private and public sponsors, they managed to live up to their slogan of “beyond the borders”. They wanted to go far, and they did… they won the rally!

Don’t hesitate to contact us – we are here to help you prepare your adventure.

See you soon… …at the foot of the North Cape globe.