Trek Photo "the real North Cape"

18th day :

A new Trek photo, the one that allows us to reach the real North Cape

We wake up late, very late for some. In fact, we are completely disoriented.
What time is it?
Late morning?
Early evening?
Oh yes, midday, not midnight.
But when are we going to eat?
Is it breakfast time or lunchtime?
The people here eat fish at any time of the day, so does it matter?
But we have to sort ourselves out quickly, as we are about to embark on another photo trek – the only way to get to the real North Cape is on foot.

Although yesterday’s celebration was at the official North Cape, it is not the continent’s most northerly point. We are determined to be among the small percentage of visitors who make the 20-km hike to the true tip of Europe.

Arriving at North Cape at midnight is such a magical experience we immediately forget the effort involved in getting here.

A handful of brave souls are so enchanted they plunge into the sea, only to emerge extremely quickly – the Arctic Ocean is much colder than the lakes of Sweden and Finland.

the real North Cape 20-km hike


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