Hamningberg “the end of the road”

19th days:

Some of the organisers have set off ahead of us to organise the next photo jury, leaving us to enjoy another of Paris-North Cape’s classic stages – the drive to Hamningberg, an abandoned fishing village on the northeast tip of mainland Europe.

Often said to lie at “the end of the road”, Hamningberg is even more remote than North Cape. To get there, we have to drive 3 km along a road surrounded by unique rock formations that look like lava but whose origin is not volcanic.

Philippe first came to Hamningberg to make a documentary for a France 3 television series called “Faut pas Rêver”.

A hundred years ago the bay had a fleet of more than 400 fishing boats; today there are no more than four or five and the remaining, brightly painted houses are used as holiday homes. Just inland from the village, behind a small hill, a row of white gravestones faces the sea. Some have fallen over, others are illegible, but this place of rest is magnificent. Its occupants can lie in peace, as their last resting place is beyond “the end of the roads”.

We pitch our tents in a field behind the cemetery and tuck into a wonderful supper featuring the area’s specialty, king crab (a unique taste). After learning the results of that morning’s jury, we fall asleep beside the ocean, lulled by the soothing sound of the waves.


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  1. Florence Laugier

    Mon étape préférée!!!! je suis super contente qu”elle soit maintenue!!!! 🙂


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