25th day:

There is nothing planned for today, so we can rest and work on our reports.

Even though we were free to choose any theme linked to our journey (apart from the Rally itself) and to plan our subjects before leaving Paris, writing isn’t easy when you are continually on the move, especially given the long stages hiking or driving.

As a result, we all welcome the opportunity to finalise our work.

In the afternoon we discover one of the world’s more idiosyncratic sporting events – a “welly-wanging” competition, run by the International Boot Throwing Association, which counts some of the Rally’s organisers among its members.

Women throw size-38 wellies; men throw size 43s.
The aim is to throw the welly as far as you can – without injuring your teammates – one competitor ended up with a size-43 boot print on his back.

It is not easy to throw the welly both a respectable distance and in the desired direction.
This sport typifies the enthusiasm and imagination of our Finnish friends.
(The country also boasts a sauna-fanatics club, which created the first igloo-sauna, a lady-carrying championship and a mosquito-killing competition.)


has a fabulous campsite

What is more, Hankasalmi has a fabulous campsite, on the edge of a delightful lake and with the inevitable traditional Finnish sauna.

The organisers use the time for a trip to Helsinki to settle the final details of the 4th Grand Photo Jury…


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