Bergen’s fjord

3rd day

Photos for the first competition are taken from the ferry, making the best of the morning light as we sail past the Norwegian coast with its fabulous fjords.

The last leg along Bergen’s fjord is magic. Perched almost 20 metres above the waves, we zigzag for two hours through a labyrinth of water and rock until one of northern Europe’s most beautiful cities comes into view.

Once off the ferry, there is time to explore the cobbled streets of this Norwegian gem before we head out along the mountain roads.

On the way, we pick up wood for the evening’s campfire – we will be bivouacking beside the road a long way above sea level, in the midst of Norway’s highest mountains. Sipping a glass of mulled wine provided by the organisers, we sit around a huge bonfire, chatting and putting the world to rights. Many of the evenings to come will be spent sharing anecdotes and stories, unverifiable snippets of our co-adventurer’s local folklore, unearthed from the boots of their cars…

Bergen’s fjord


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