5th day:

To climb Norway’s “Mont Blanc” or to visit an iconic fjord.

There are two options available for today: to climb Norway’s “Mont Blanc” or to visit an iconic fjord. Partial melting of the glacier on its summit has shaved 5 metres off the top of the Glittertind (2,465-m), relegating it to second place in the hierarchy of Scandinavia’s highest mountains. Nevertheless, for us, it is still the most beautiful peak in Norway, home to herds of reindeer and untarnished by buildings and ski lifts. What is more, the view from the summit is as spectacular as the panorama from the top of Mont Blanc.Even if the ascent is technically easy, today’s excursion is only for the very fit, as the route involves 1500 m of climbing along a sometimes poorly marked trail. And reaching the summit is only the halfway point of this very long day – we still have to get back to the Randsverk campsite.

Today’s less strenuous option is a long drive to visit Norway’s most famous fjord, the Geirangerfjord. Everyone has seen photos of this magnificent inlet, hemmed in by huge cliffs which dwarf the red and white Coastal Express ferries that ply its sheltered waters. The trip involves two ferry crossings, one of which takes more than an hour.

Whichever option we chose for the day, we all meet up again at Randsverk for another evening around the campfire and a traditional Norwegian meal, cooked by the organisers.

Glittertind or


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