Take the time to prepare your vehicle and equipment properly. It isn’t difficult, but every detail is important. You will find all the information you need in our registration pack (see the bottom of the home page). .


With the exception of Norway, food prices in Scandinavia are now quite reasonable. Feel free to shop as the locals do by going to village markets and supermarkets. Although we provide communal meals (fish soup in Finland, grilled sausages in Norway, buffets in Sweden, etc.), this is no reason not to try local products. But don’t overdo it – forget all your little treats for a month!

Camping gear

We suggest you bring a classic hiking tent, as they pack up very small (we would advise against bringing a pop-up tent). Many participants bring inflatable mattresses and even pillows – a little bit of luxury never goes amiss!

Other essential items include: water bottle, 10-litre jerry can for carrying water (for drinking, but also for washing up and cleaning your car), multi-blade pocketknife (MacGyver!), cooking utensils, gas stove, torch (head torches are very practical) + batteries, compass (because it is easy to get disoriented on the labyrinthine dirt roads), first-aid kit, mosquito repellent and everyday necessities (toilet paper, wash kit, string, clothes detergent, etc.). More detailed advice on what to bring is given in the Participant Pack and the letters we send to all the teams.

Life on the Paris-North Cape Rally


Take a pair of shoes for driving in (trainers are ideal) and a pair of sturdy shoes for the campsites, walking round towns or strolls through the forest. If you would like to take part in the Photo Treks, you will need a pair of solid, waterproof hiking boots, as some of the climbs finish on snow. Remember to pack gloves, a warm hat, sweaters, rain jacket and sunglasses.

Some of the press conferences held during the Rally take place in quite formal locations, such as the French Embassy in Helsinki. You are, of course, invited to these events, so we suggest you bring appropriate clothing. Don’t forget a swimsuit for the saunas and for swimming in the lakes – summers in Scandinavia can be very warm.
Don’t bring too many clothes. You will never use everything you bring and many campsites have washing machines and dryers you can use to wash your clothes.



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