Stockholm city is an official partner of the Paris-North Cape.

A “Stockholm Photo Trophy” is organized during one day. All participants must arpent the magnificient streets to realize the best pictures in the Venice of the North.

A photo exhibition and press conference is organized at the marvelous Nordic Museum on Djurgården ISLAND. This event is one of the focus of the Paris-NORTH Cape.

Many European cities north of the 50th parallel claim to be the “Venice of the North, but the only one truly worthy of this comparison is Stockholm. The huge cruise ships that arrive at the end of a 4-hour voyage deposit their passengers right in the city centre, a cluster of ports, bridges, boats, rivers and lakes. The majestic architecture reflects off the surface of the crystal-clear sea beyond a waterfront that is often lined with anglers. With its harmonious mixture of sculpted stone and leafy forest, streets and fields, statues and tree trunks, it could also be called the “Versailles of the North”. Stockholm was Europe’s first ever “Green Capital”.


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