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Tampere is the second largest city area in Finland, the Finn’s favourite domestic travel destination and the most desired place to live in Finland. Tampere is situated between two large lakes – Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Beautiful nature in a stone throw away from the bustling city centre is what makes this city so special for its residents and visitors. Tampere was granted the official status of the sauna capital of Finland for its record amount of public saunas – 35 – open for anyone throughout the year. Tampere is the hometown of Finland’s oldest public sauna and the newest one.

Helvetinjärvi National Park

Helvetinjärvi National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Finland. It is situated in Ruovesi ca. 40 kilometres northwest of Tampere. The special features of the park include two rift valleys formed 150-200 million years ago by displacement of the earth’s crust. Helvetinkolu Gorge, located northeast of the Lake Iso Helvetinjärvi, is the most famous gorge in the area and can be reached by a forest path of ca. 2 kilometres. You can easily make a day trip or a longer hike in Helvetinjärvi National Park. The national park is open for everyone. There are several fire places that allow for cooking, tent places for overnight and cottages for rent.

Spectacular view over Helvetinjärvi lake 

Fireplace in Hevletinjärvi
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Areas of Pispala and Pyynikki

A wooden area of Pispala was chosen as one of the most beautiful living areas in Finland. With its narrow streets, restored colorful wooden houses and magnificent views towards the two large lakes is one of the most popular Sunday promenade destinations for the locals and one of the most instagrammable, photogenic places in Tampere.


Pispala area

One of the Tampere city centre neighbourhoods, Pyynikki, is located next to the area of Pispala. It is home to a gorgeous pine tree forest on top of a ridge. In the forest there is an illuminated jogging trail that becomes a skiing trail in the winter, and the view from the high cliffs will take your breath away. Climb the stairs of the famous observation tower of Pyynikki and get fantastic views over the city and its lakes. The tower boasts not only views, but also a café with legendary doughnuts that made it to all guide books about Finland.

Pyynikki forest

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Kintulammi Nature Reserve

Kintulammi is a great hiking area and nature reserve in the Teisko-Aitolahti area of Tampere. It is a public nature and hiking destination with trails, duckboards, lean-to’s and signposts. The area is located approximately 20 kilometers outside Tampere city center in the direction of Teisko.

There are about 15 kilometers of marked hiking routes in the area and five fire pits, four of which are adjoined with an ecologically designed lean-to complex with a log shed and a dry toilet. The reserve is aopen for everyone and especially popular among nature photographers.

Beautiful fireplace Kirkkokivi (“Church stone”) in Kintulammi